IWINACInternational Work-conference on the Interplay between Natural and Artificial Computation

IWINAC2017: Pre-Organized Session:

S12. Learning tools to lecture

Chairperson: Antonio J. Tallón-Ballesteros
Co-chairperson: Sung-Bae Cho

Nowadays the teaching is tied to the usage with different intensities of computational tools. In any knowledge field, such as Engineering, Architecture, Literature, Languages, Sciences, the concept of computer-aided teaching is of utmost importance. Particularly, in the recent generations of students because they are very competitive in terms of new technologies and the teaching may turn to the studentship side to encourage them to increase the motivation and evenly the results will be better. The share of experiences from any subject is very welcome. If more than one framework with overlapping functions is experimented, the comparison in terms of performance, ability to stablish the relevant concepts in the students mind and in general any type of analysis is very engaging. Any type of tool to model/simulate a real or feasible system including the key ingredients and also a feedback is of special interest for this session. Sometimes, the problems that may arise from the incorporation of some tools is concerned with the capabilities of the frameworks to be adapted to the current technological platforms or even the high consumption of resources of a computer at hand.

The list of some potential topics is as follows: