IWINACInternational Work-conference on the Interplay between Natural and Artificial Computation

IWINAC2017: Pre-Organized Session:

S09. Artificial Intelligence in Education

Chairperson: Miguel Rodriguez Artacho
Co-chairperson: Rafael Martinez Tomas

Education needs in today’s societies are steadily increasing. It is a challenge to find new ways of teaching to increase educational level of society. The most advanced technology would be a great help by making teaching/learning more effective and accessible. Effectiveness can be based on the analysis of the student situation and the adaptation of the educational experience and environment, including teaching methods and material. This include learner analytics and accessibility to understand learner needs and enable and facilitation access to education in very different problematic cases, including physical distance between educator and student, student cognitive physical or emotional problems, or any other special situation. AI techniques can foster this process in these situations and provide an enriched learning experience.

We propose this session as a forum where research and applications of AI in education are shown, problems encountered, proposed solutions and achievements are discussed. The aim is that presentations and discussions are inspiration or starting point for further research.

Specific topics for this Special Session include, but are not limited to: