IWINACInternational Work-conference on the Interplay between Natural and Artificial Computation

IWINAC2017: Pre-Organized Session:

S04. Mobile BCI for the cloud-computing of neuro activity

Chairperson: Miguel Angel Lopez Gordo
Co-chairperson: Jesus Minguillon

Motivation and objectives: BCIs emerged few decades ago as a new communication technology that permitted subjects with severe neuromuscular disorders to communicate and to interact with the outer world. The Brain-computer Interface (BCI) technology processes the brain activity to provide a non-muscular channel for the transmission of data, messages and commands. Recently, the rapid development of high-transfer-access-mobile networks opens the door for the cloud-computing of neuro-activity, with new Tele and mobile applications (e. g. entertainment, evaluation of cognitive workload, neuro-rehabilitation, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), biosecurity, clinical evaluation, etc.). In the near future, the fifth generation of mobile telecommunication (5G) is expected to contribute with an improved performance in terms of information transfer rate and reliability.

The main goal of this special session is to show the last advances in BCIs, neuro-technologies (e. g. innovative EEG/ECG/fNIRS headsets, integrated stimulation-acquisition devices, etc.), Tele-services (e.g. applications in Telemedicine, tele-rehabilitation programs, tele-control, mobile applications, etc.), innovative biosignals processing algorithms and models, training techniques and novel paradigms of data transmission by means of cloud-computing BCIs.

Workshop: Assistants to IWINAC2017 will have the opportunity to participate in a simple BCI experiment with cloud-computing processing and the RABio w8.

The Red Tematica de Investigacion en Neurotecnologias para la Asistencia y la Rehabilitacion DPI2015-69098-REDT participates in the organization of this special session